As one of the most important and most used rooms in your home, your bathroom should be both functional and beautiful. Bathroom countertops are the focal point of any bathroom. The right bathroom sinks and counter set the tone for the entire room’s décor.

Bathroom sinks and counters come in a variety of sizes, styles, materials, and designs. Whether you have a small space or a larger one, the right bathroom sink and counter combination will completely transform your room into a lavish and personalized sanctuary.

Types of Bathroom Countertops

Bathrooms are high-moisture, high-traffic rooms that see a lot of daily use so it is important to choose a bathroom countertop idea that is attractive, meets your personal tastes, and is durable.

Laminate countertop in small bathroom


Made of layers of plastic over particleboard, laminate bathroom countertops can be made in assorted sizes or customized to meet your specific bathroom dimensions. The finish can be designed to look like wood, steel, stone, or other surface preferences and come in a variety of colors. Laminate counters are durable, moisture-resistant, and easy to clean making them a great option.

Natural Stone

Natural stone bathroom countertops are beautiful vanities that exude elegance and luxury. Because stone counters are made from raw materials, each top is unique in design. Stone bathroom sink countertops require special care to prevent stains, scratches, and other damage from occurring.
The most common stone counters are marble, granite, soapstone, onyx, slate, or limestone/travertine. These bathroom countertop ideas come in single slab or tile form.

Natural stone marble countertop in luxury spacious bathroom
Modern quartz countertop


This highly decorative counter type is made primarily of crushed stones and quartz rocks mixed with resins and other pigments. The hardened finish creates an attractive, natural-looking bathroom sink countertop that is durable and moisture-resistant.


Wood bathroom sink countertops have become more popular in recent years because it creates an authentic and charming look in your restroom. Depending on the type of wood and finishing stain you choose, you can design a contemporary, sophisticated counter or a warm country cottage design.
Reclaimed wood from old barns, old workbenches, or doors makes fabulous bathroom countertops because they are eco-friendly and create an eye-catching, authentic rustic look while newer planks offer a more modern style.
Wood is a strong material that is easy to mold into the shape of your choice. Many homeowners are also drawn to the character that the imperfections of each individual plank create.

wood bathroom sink countertop
crushed glass counters

Crushed Glass

Crushed glass counters are new to the home construction industry. This highly popular, eco-friendly style uses crushed recycled glass pieces mixed in cement or a clear acrylic compound. The eye-catching look creates a dramatic, trend-setting look in bathroom countertop ideas. Most crushed glass counters are custom made and all are unique in design and style.

Bathroom Vanities Without Countertops

Another trend that remains popular in bathroom countertop ideas is installing a sink without a surrounding countertop. This style looks great in many contemporary or small space bathroom sinks and counters designs where the basin is meant to be the focal point.

contemporary bathroom vanity without countertop
small bathroom design with stall and vanity

Bathroom Sinks and Counters for Small Bathrooms

Small bathrooms are fairly common in many households. While the square footage may be limited, you can still design a bathroom that is stylish and spacious while providing all the functions of a large bathroom.
There are several options to choose from when it comes to picking the right bathroom sink countertops for your small space. Freestanding or wall-mounted basins add to modern elegance to more petite bathroom areas. Picking open-concept bathroom countertops and vanities makes your room look bigger and brighter.

Bathroom Countertop Decorations

Choosing the right bathroom countertop decorations will complete the look of your restroom. Decorative pieces of art, floral arrangements, and colorful stacking containers add texture and color to your room while filling the empty space on your bathroom sink and counter.

reclaimed vanity in small bathroom design

Reclaim and Recycle Furnishings

Reclaiming unused furniture is not only an eco-friendly bathroom countertop idea, reusing old furnishings can give your bathroom a beautifully authentic and vintage look. Antique tables, desks, vanities cabinets, and sinks can be refurbished to create a spectacular focal point in your bathroom.

Bathroom Black Countertops

Bathroom black countertops create a dramatic look in your restroom. Black is one of the most versatile colors because it goes with everything. From contemporary to traditional, black bathroom countertops are an excellent choice.

bathroom black countertop

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