Does your bathroom feel like it’s stuck in the 20th century when it comes to design and function? Then you need to consider hiring some professional bathroom renovators in Stittsville. At Capital Bathroom Renovations, we provide the highest level of service to all of our clients. Whether you’re trying to improve the look of your home before it goes on the market, or just want to renovate this very important room in your home, our first-class contractors and designers have you covered. 

This family-run business holds the highest standards for our workers when it comes to quality craftsmanship, respect, trust, and transparency with our prices. With more than 15 years in the industry and many happy clients, you can be sure that you’re hiring the best bathroom renovators that Stittsville and the surrounding region have to offer.

Bathroom Renovations Contractors Stittsville

From structural considerations to plumbing and electrical work, there’s nothing too simple about a bathroom renovation. That’s why a DIY homeowner can easily make some big mistakes that could lead to house damage or even personal injury. So, Capital Bathroom Renovations always suggests going with experts who are fully trained, insured, and licensed to work on your bathroom remodeling project.

All of our crew members are up-to-date on the latest building codes and municipal regulations so you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting the job done correctly. 

Bathroom Renovations Contractors Stittsville
Bathroom Remodelling Services Stittsville

Bathroom Remodelling Services Stittsville

We take great pride in our customized storage solutions and ability to cater to each of our client’s unique needs in terms of design and aesthetics. What we do is all about making your life beautiful and making your life more organized. From the onset of the bathroom remodeling, we’ll help you hand-select every piece of material or fixture that is going in your new bathroom, from tiles and faucets to wall sconces and tubs.

Capital Bathroom Renovations carries the region’s widest selection of bathroom renovation materials to help you build your dream bathroom, no matter what your budget is.

Bathroom Addition in Stittsville

You don’t necessarily need to move to get the bathroom of your dreams. Sometimes a bathroom addition can be a much more tactical and affordable option. We can easily knock down a wall to help you achieve that en suite bathroom for your master.

With all that extra living space, you’ll never be fighting for prep time in the morning again. You can also go the extra mile by adding some luxury amenities such as heated floors or an all-glass shower stall.

Bathroom Addition in Stittsville
Tub to Shower Conversion in Stittsville

Tub to Shower Conversion

More and more often, homeowners are opting for tub-to-shower conversions for part of their home remodeling project. The main reason is that it’s a much more accessible option for a bathroom. The majority of our population is aging and tubs are friendly for people with mobility issues.

Sometimes, a tub-to-shower conversion is enough of a change to completely transform your washroom and you can forgo a massive redesign. Not to mention that tub-to-shower conversions are quick and affordable for almost everyone. 

Why Choose Capital Bathroom Renovations in Stittsville

At Capital Bathroom Renovations, we know how stressful the thought of undergoing a home renovation can be. Our experienced designers are always in constant communication with our clients so you’ll never feel left in the dark. Our free quotes and upfront pricing allow you to jump into a home remodeling project with confidence.

We’d be more than happy to put you in touch with our endless list of satisfied clients. Are you ready to take the next step? Reach out to us to book your free consultation.

Bathroom Renovations Contractor in Stittsville