Turn to Capitol Bathroom Renovation when it’s time for you to update your old, outdated bathroom. Our complete list of Goulburn bathroom renovation services does more than just improve the cosmetics of your space.

We will completely strip your current bathroom and enhance its look and functionality to best suit your lifestyle and needs.

Bathroom Renovation Contractors Goulburn

You can trust our professional bathroom renovation contractors in Goulburn to work with the utmost care and respect when in your home. We promise not to overstay our welcome by completing your renovation project within a reasonable timeframe.

Our team of expert bathroom renovators, designers, flooring installation specialists, and plumbers will go above and beyond to make sure your new bathroom is everything you planned for from the start!

Bathroom Renovation Goulburn Services

Renovating your bathroom can be a complex project because there are so many different aspects involved. Here at Capital Bathroom Renovation, our trained and experienced team of Goulburn bathroom contractors take care of everything from installing new tiles to replacing lighting fixtures.

We have access to the finest materials and the latest equipment to deliver impressive results. For your convenience, we offer the following bathroom renovation services:

Complete Bathroom Renovation

If you need a complete bathroom renovation, our team can overhaul your existing bathroom using our high-quality materials and construction techniques.

We offer a wide selection of designs, colour schemes, and materials to choose from for your custom bathroom. You can replace old lighting fixtures, install extra storage space, or upgrade your plumbing lines.

Bathroom Addition

A bathroom addition in Goulburn is a great investment that can raise the value of your overall home. Consider adding a full bathroom complete with a shower or tub or adding a half bathroom near the kitchen for convenience.

Bring your ideas and designs to our team, and our industry experts will take care of the plumbing, electrical work, and all the remaining finishing touches.

Accessible Bathroom Renovation

If you or a family member experiences mobility issues, investing in Goulburn accessible bathroom renovations can make all the difference for them maneuvering in this space.

Here at Capital Bathroom Renovation, we can add grab bars, have your toilet seat raised, make wider doorways and more. We make sure to design and build your barrier-free bathroom prioritizing safety and ease of use.

Condo Bathroom Renovation

If you’re moving into an old condo, chances are the bathroom needs a renovation. Or perhaps the new condo you recently moved into isn’t quite your style and you want a makeover.

In either scenario, this is where our condo bathroom renovation services can help! As a team, we have decades of combined experience in assisting condo owners in revamping their bathrooms and customizing them to meet their preferences.

Tub to Shower Conversion

Tub-to-shower conversions in Goulburn are one of the more popular requests we get from homeowners. One of the issues with having a tub in a smaller bathroom is the space will appear even smaller with such a large container.

Instead, consider installing a new, modern shower for greater convenience. We do offer custom work so you can personalize your bathroom the way you’ve always wanted.

Why Choose Capital Bathrooms

When you need bathroom remodeling in Goulburn, remember our renovation experts at Capital Bathroom Renovation are available near you. Whether you are looking to make slight improvements, revamp your existing space with drastic changes, or add a new bathroom together, we have the knowledge and expertise to get the job done right.

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