Bathroom additions have become one of the most sought after home renovations for homeowners. If you’re thinking of installing a new bathroom in your house, we have got you covered.

Capital Bathroom Renovations is your leading renovation and remodelling contractor. We specialize in bathroom additions and installation services in Ottawa and the surrounding areas: Nepean, Westboro, Gloucester, Kanata, and much more.

Bathroom Addition Value

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The value of a bathroom addition is what drives homeowners to undertake the project. If you’re planning on selling your house, you can be sure that potential buyers will prioritize a home with three bathrooms instead of two, putting your property on top of the real estate list.

With our bathroom addition service, expect your house’s market value to increase significantly. The attention to detail we put into our addition projects is what will make a true difference for your property.

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Bathroom Addition Costs

Bathroom addition costs are impacted by many factors. When we quote you for the project, we take the following details into consideration:

  1. The size of your bathroom
  2. Half-bath or full bath installation
  3. Whether you need to apply for a building permit
  4. Plumbing
  5. Bathroom electrical
  6. Tile backsplash installation
  7. The bathroom finishes you select

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What Makes Us Different?

Many bathroom addition companies claim to be the best at their craft. We don’t. We simply promise that when you hire us for your project, we will provide:

  • Amazing customer support, from the minute you contact us to the second we finish the project
  • Professional approach and the utmost dedication to your satisfaction
  • High-quality labour, materials, and custom finishes
  • Compliance with municipal building codes and bathroom addition requirements
  • Transparent pricing and affordable renovation fees
  • Accommodation of your budget with flexible financing
  • Wide array of bathroom ideas and custom designs

Contact Us to Start Your Bathroom Addition

Rely on us to add a bathroom in your house, with excellent care and precision. We handle and oversee every step of the project, sparing the hassle of coordinating between multiple contractors throughout the process.

You can directly speak to us at (613) 869-4080. You may also send us an email with your request, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.