If you’ve been working from home these past few years, then you have probably found plenty of places where you can make some home improvements.

One of the biggest is bathroom renovations. Our bathrooms are very personal and they should be a place we want to go to unwind and relax. A new bathroom is like a new lease on life.

Bathroom Renovation Contractors in Carleton Place

Older homes in Carleton Place can have small, dark, and outdated bathrooms. Why not get a professional bathroom contractor like the ones at Capital Bathroom Renovations to help you bring that tired, old room into the twenty-first century?

No matter what you need, even a few small changes to your bathroom can give you big results. If you need more counter space, more light, or you want to start right from scratch, we promise that we can make that happen.

bathroom renovation Carleton Place
Expert Bathroom Renovations in Carleton Place

Custom Bathroom Renovations

We will work with you and your ideas throughout the entire renovation process. Bathrooms are an important space in the home, and we promise to work with you every step of the way to ensure you receive a stunning, new bathroom.  

You don’t want to try remodeling your bathroom yourself. It can end up costing you much more money and take longer to complete. At Capital Bathroom Renovations, we take care of every detail including the plumbing, waterproofing, the floors, and finishing.

Bathroom Remodeling Carleton Place

Extending the space of your bathroom, getting new flooring and tiles, replacing old tubs and basins, and adding counter room and storage can all be achieved. We will provide you with a free quote so you can decide with no pressure.

Don’t put off your bathroom renovations because you think they will take too long. We know it’s inconvenient which is why we establish a work schedule from the very beginning and stick to it.

Bathroom Remodeling Carleton Place
Bathroom Addition in Carleton Place

Bathroom Addition in Carleton Place

Adding another bathroom is like going on vacation. It can make a big difference to a growing family. Older homes with only one bathroom are simply not adequate, and that means bathroom renovations. 

If you are looking to add a bathroom to your bedroom with a sauna and dual basins or a half bathroom in the basement, Capital Bathroom Renovations is here to help you.

Tub to Shower Conversion in Carleton Place

You might not need a bathtub in every bathroom of your home. Getting rid of an old bathtub you never use is a great way to add more space to a smaller bathroom.

We can install the right shower for you and your family’s needs. A shower uses less water than a bathtub, takes less time to get clean, and will look absolutely stunning.

Tub to Shower Conversion in Carleton Place
Professional bathroom contractors in Carleton Place

Why Choose Capital Bathroom Renovations in Carleton Place

Capital Bathroom Renovation is a family-owned business, with over 15 years of experience in the construction industry. Bathroom renovations and remodeling in the Carleton Place area are our specialties. 

We offer you a free quote that includes all the labour, materials, fixtures, and finishing. We even stick around to clean up once the renovations are complete so your new bathroom is ready to go!