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If a member of your household has unique needs because of accessibility challenges, providing a bathroom that best accommodates these needs is a great way to bring about more independence. There are a handful of measures, some simple and others more elaborate, that you can implement to ensure your bathroom space is easy to utilize. Fortunately, the experts at Capital Bathroom Renovations are experienced in outfitting bathrooms to meet all different accessibility needs.

What is an Accessible Bathroom?

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An accessible bathroom is a space that is purposely designed to provide ample space to permit wheelchairs to comfortably move around, along with specialized equipment specifically intended to make the experience as easy as possible.

This includes grab bars, removal shower heads, lowered sinks and toilets, etc.

Build an Accessible Bath

A wheelchair-accessible bath is a safety tub that allows it to fill and drain after you’ve already sat down. Unlike a typical bathtub, these specialized tubs have taller walls and a door that swings open to allow entry.

This is a great alternative if the space doesn’t permit a walk-in shower, or if you aren’t interested in one.

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Add Handicap Accessible Hardware

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There are numerous handicap-friendly hardware options you can add to your bathroom. The following additions are an excellent starting point in your quest to make your bathroom more accessible.

These include a removable shower head with a lengthy hose, and motion sensor faucets, along with grab bars in the shower and bath and next to the toilet.

Expand Door Opening

Another excellent way to make your bathroom space more accessible is to expand the width of the door opening to accommodate individuals that use wheelchairs.

The goal is to make it as easy as possible to come and leave. Some parameters to consider are 60 inches or more of clearance to be able to turn a wheelchair.

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Adjust Sink Height

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Oftentimes, when it comes to making a wheelchair accessible bathroom, it means lowering the height of the sink. It is essential to ensure the sink can be utilized while sitting down, while also including easy-to-reach taps. It’s also a good idea to consider removing the cabinet from under the sink and opting for a pedestal style in order to allow individuals with mobility constraints to more easily utilize it.

Conversely, if you have family members that are able to walk but have issues bending over, adjusting the sink to a higher height could be helpful.

Adjust Toilet Height

Similar to the sink, adjusting the height of the toilet to accommodate those with accessibility challenges is incredibly beneficial.

Oftentimes, this includes replacing the fixture with one that has a wider base or putting an addition beneath the toilet to raise it many inches.

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Regardless of the bathroom accessibility challenges you’re looking to overcome with your renovation, the experts at Capital Bathroom Renovations are here to help. Our team of industry professionals can recommend the best options to make your space more accessible and better suit the needs of the household. Call us today to get started!

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