Your powder room may be the smallest bathroom in your home, but it is still an important room in your home. Also known as a two-piece bathroom, or a half-bathroom, a powder room is a convenient room in your home and is typically the most commonly used bathroom in the entire home because of its convenient location. It also serves as a guest bathroom when visitors stop by. It may seem like there isn’t much to upgrade in your powder room, but having the right team of experts to renovate this space can make all the difference.

Designing a powder room allows you to explore your creativity and discover the full potential of your powder room. Capital Bathroom Renovations is the expert in transforming powder rooms into beautiful spaces. Our team of talented designers will help you come up with powder room renovation ideas for a bathroom makeover that is sure to impress you.

Our Powder Room Renovation Process

Our team is driven by excellence and has a system in place to ensure that each client receives nothing but the best renovation services.

Powder Room Renovation

1. Initial consultation

This is our opportunity to find out what powder room ideas you have in mind for your renovation project and what your priorities are.

Once we have gathered the details about your renovation project, we’ll talk about your budget and answer any questions you have for our team. At this time, we’ll provide an initial quote based on your project.

2. On-site visit

The next step is to schedule a home visit so we can conduct an onsite assessment of the bathroom.

We take measurements and determine what type of finish materials you’d like for the project and other particulars.

Powder Room Renovation Process
Powder Room Renovation cost

3. Preparation

During this stage, our team will come up with the design drawings based on your specifications.

We also move forward with acquiring any necessary permits before construction begins.

4. Construction

Once you have approved the final design, and permits have been granted, our team will get to work creating your new bathroom.

It’s important to us that you feel included every step of the way. Count on our Capital Bathroom Renovations team for clear communication from beginning to end.

renovation process

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Renovating Your Powder Room at the Best Price

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You need a bathroom renovation contractor who can help you achieve a stunning new powder room without breaking the bank.

Many homeowners are apprehensive about how much a small bathroom renovation will cost. A common misconception is that, given the size of the powder room, the cost to renovate their powder room will be low.

Compared to a full-size bathroom renovation, your powder room innovation will come at a lower price, however, powder rooms have many of the same elements that full bathrooms have.  A substantial percentage of the cost will be used to purchase quality materials and hire experienced contractors.

Capital Bathroom Renovation is proud to offer affordable renovation options for our valued customers. We have a multitude of powder room ideas you can incorporate into your space.

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Powder Room Renovation Ottawa You Can Trust

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When it comes to any renovation project, the details matter. Capital Bathroom Renovation boasts an impressive team of detail-oriented professionals who are passionate about transforming ordinary bathrooms into extraordinary spaces.

We have built a solid reputation in the region based on honest work, integrity and excellence. With each project, we strive for perfection. When you hire Capital Bathroom Renovation for your powder room renovation, you will never have to worry about the work we do. We adhere to the highest standards of excellence and employ best practices to ensure an exceptional outcome. Capital Bathroom Renovation isn’t just another bathroom remodeling company, we are among the best.

Why Choose Capital Bathroom Renovation

Capital Bathroom Renovation is proud to be the number one powder room renovator that Ottawa homeowners can trust.  With a remarkable body of work that spans over 15 years, Capital Bathrooms Renovation is your best choice for small bathroom renovations in Ottawa. As specialists in bathroom renovations, our promise to homeowners across the region is to provide professional and outstanding renovation services at an affordable price. We strive to be the best and work diligently to ensure that all of our customers know how much they mean to us. We prioritize customer satisfaction and have worked hard to create a hassle-free renovation service.

Our relationship with our clients does not end after the project – our doors are always open to you. We make ourselves available to our clients and provide a 3-year warranty on our services. Trust Capital Bathroom Renovation with your powder room remodel. With our team, you can count on top-quality materials, amazing designs, excellent customer service, a smooth renovation process and affordable prices with flexible payment options.

Capital Bathroom Renovation

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