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Bathrooms are one of the most valued rooms in a home. When people go shopping for a new home, they want to know how many bathrooms are in the house.

Since bathrooms are one of the most commonly used rooms in a home, it’s important to maximize the space to make the room as functional as possible. Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to not only upgrade your bathroom, it can add significant value to your home, which is great should you decide to sell. However, bathroom renovation costs can be quite high and deter some homeowners from embarking on a bathroom renovation project.

How Much to Remodel a Bathroom?

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This is one of the leading questions homeowners have when considering a remodeling project. While each project is different and various factors play a role, the scope of the project is a main determiner of the cost to redo a bathroom.

According to HomeAdvisor, bathroom renovations in Toronto cost between $5,942 – $14,756, which makes the average approximately $10,229. Aside from the scope of your project, the kind of fixtures you want, the materials you choose and the size of your bathroom, will affect your bathroom renovation costs.

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If you have a small bathroom, a complete overhaul will likely cost less than $10,000, according to the National Kitchen and Bath Association. However, the cost to redo a bathroom that is large could exceed $30,000.

Whether your decision to remodel your bathroom is to address needed repair or simply to improve your home, making a few changes to your plans can help you cut bathroom renovations costs considerably.

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One of the large expenses you can expect to incur with your bathroom renovation is design costs. Moving around different fixtures like toilets, sinks and showers require heavy-duty work and renovation contractors need to tear through subfloors and walls to access the necessary pipes.

Even though you may only want to move a fixture slightly, the costs add up and may require extensive plumbing work. By sticking with the original design and then installing some luxury features that don’t require a massive overhaul, you can upgrade your bathroom and still keep your bathroom renovation costs manageable. For example, if you would like to have heated floors, instead of installing hydraulic (water-filled) lines which are quite expensive, you can examine various flooring options and install electric radiant heat mats instead. This alternative can save up to $8,000.

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Some materials used in bathroom renovations are expensive and can be substituted with more affordable options. Take the time to research the materials you need and want and look for ways you can get a similar look without breaking the bank.

While you are looking for more affordable options, this doesn’t mean that you should go cheap on your materials. Since bathrooms are prone to moisture, you want to make sure that your materials are water resistant.

When it comes to materials for flooring, understanding the grading of different materials is key. Grades inform you how durable a material is. Typically, grade 3 tiles are less suitable for flooring because they are thin and better for walls.

For ceilings, you can cut your bathroom renovation costs by opting for any interior paint that has a good rating for mildew resistance. This is a more affordable choice than paint labelled as specifically for bathrooms. The savings can add up to about $40 per can.

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Reglazing the surface of an old cast-iron tub can give it a facelift for just a few hundred dollars. While replacing it with a soaker tub could cost you about $500 to $1,000 just for the tub alone. Remember, installation costs are separate so keep that in mind when calculating the cost to redo a bathroom.

Many homeowners enjoy having a shower and a bathtub in their bathroom and don’t like the idea of having to choose one over the other. If space is limited, there’s no need to break down a wall to create room for both the shower and the tub. Keep the tub and install a stand-alone shower in the master bedroom. Having at least one tub is an asset if you choose to sell your home.

Many people like to have double vanities in their bathrooms. This has great advantages, however, installing double units can run up your bathroom renovation costs by hundreds of dollars. Opting for single vanities can help cut your costs.

Another tip is to determine which features you’re going to focus on. Try not to get hung up on fancy features like dual flush modes for the toilet. Instead, keep it simple. Select a toilet that functions well and does not require continuous maintenance by a plumber.

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