We could always use a little more storage space in our bathroom. A small bathroom can seem crowded and lacking in space. Regardless of its size, you still need your bathroom to be functional and have ample storage for your needs.  There are some excellent ways you can make the most of your small space. If you are considering a bathroom renovation, the pros at Capital Bathroom Renovations have provided great space-saving ideas for your small bathroom.

Consider a Corner Sink

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Most bathrooms have wasted space, and that is very often the corners. You can increase your bathroom storage space by installing a corner sink. A corner sink will sit flush in the corner and free up more wall space.

A sink that is against the wall can seem like a large waste of space. For smaller bathrooms, this gets the sink out of the middle of the room and gives you much more space for shelves, cupboards, or other storage ideas.

Convert Your Bathtub to a Shower

If you have a small bathroom that has a tub, removing the tub can save you a ton of space. You can find great shower ideas for a small bathroom. Installing a shower will take up half the space of a regular bathtub. 

A shower can be installed in the corner, just like the sink, to free up a lot of storage space. It can also be flush against the wall so there is no break and you can install storage where the tub used to be.

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Remove the Swinging Shower Door

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A shower stall with a swinging door needs space to open. That means you either need to keep that space free or move the storage unit every time you need to use the shower. This isn’t very practical for small bathrooms. 

A sliding door will serve your small bathroom much better. You can also remove the door altogether and put up a curtain rod with a shower curtain. This keeps the front space of the shower open.

Purchase Vanity with Premium Storage

Another idea for bathroom space savers include a vanity with ample storage. A vanity provides some countertop space plus extra storage below. It remains hidden and can hold a lot of your bathroom essentials.

You can get a storage vanity with sliding doors or choose an open concept and get shelves.

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Use a Dual-Purpose Mirror

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Installing a cabinet mirror allows you to get all your small personal items off the counter or around the sink. A medicine cabinet mirror can store all the small items you need everyday.

Removing the clutter makes your bathroom seem bigger and more accessible.

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