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Many homeowners approach the thought of a bathroom renovation with an attitude of I want everything.

Freddie Mercury summed it up best: I want it all. And I want it now.

But here’s the thing about bathroom renovation you probably aren’t aware of: unless your bathroom is dysfunctional, old (and we mean oooold), or just downright ugly, a full bathroom renovation is, in most cases, unnecessary.

Bathroom Remodeling

Wanting it all and wanting it now can actually be a detriment to your bathroom’s practicality, and we all know that the bathroom is the only area in the house where you simply CANNOT compromise practicality.

However, at the same time, homeowners who want to renovate their bathroom usually consider three main aspects:

  1. The Bathroom’s Functionality
  2. Features They Specifically Need
  3. Somewhat of An Aesthetic Appeal

In this article, we’re listing some of our favorite (and most creative) bathroom renovation ideas that will augment your old bathroom’s functionality without taking up much space or undermining its design.

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Vessel Sinks

They’re chic, elegant, and simplistic. Vessel sinks are a designer’s go-to when it comes to modern bathroom ideas. And if your bathroom vanity is on the smaller side, installing a vessel sink makes a fantastic option, saving plenty of space for your personal toiletries on the countertop.

Bathroom Storage

Storage space in a bathroom has one golden rule: store vertically. What we mean is that you should build your storage units along the length of the bathroom walls rather than along the bathroom floor. Shelves and tall bathroom cabinets are an instant winner, especially when placed against a corner.

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Bathroom Backsplash

Although a backsplash in your shower isn’t absolutely imperative, it’s a nice touch that makes a slight yet charming difference in your bathroom. You can have a backsplash installed as a full wall panel or in stripes that cut a dash. And the material options are endless: tile, porcelain, glass, marble…

Bidet Toilet, Sir

Not so much a renovation, more so an upgrade, but we simply had to include this in our list: BIDETS! Bidets make the world go round, don’t they? Requiring a little bit of plumbing, installing a bidet in your bathroom goes a long way. You can opt for a built-in bidet, a stand-alone bidet, or even a spray bidet, all to your comfort.

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Bathroom Ceilings

Doing a small bathroom renovation? Not a problem! Don’t let having a smaller bathroom discourage you from being creative with the ceilings. In fact, many homeowners choose to focus their bathroom pizzazz in the ceiling over any other part. We have seen amazing bathroom transformations from a simple installation of coffered ceilings, crown mouldings, and pot lights.

Bathroom Mirror with a Purpose

Speaking of lights, an amazing bathroom renovation idea is installing lights behind the mirror. Simple yet very impactful, isn’t it? Backlit mirrors instantly take your bathroom to the next level and scream futuristic elegance! This one is definitely for the lavish.

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Here you have them; our top bathroom renovation ideas! No matter how wild your vision is for your bathroom, just remember that when there’s a will, there’s a way. The right bathroom renovation contractor can see your vision to completion. Not so wild after all, huh?

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