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It is always a great idea to understand your bathroom renovation costs and what you are getting for the price you are willing to pay.

Many things are to be taken into consideration such as what kind of tiles to choose, vanity style, bathroom tub / shower enclosure etc… But what does a bathroom renovation cost? To answer this question, we need to know the bathroom size and the amount of renovation labour required.

Moreover, many bathroom renovations require new fittings and plumbing systems installed prior to fixture installation and finishing touches.

If you’re looking to keep bathroom renovation cost down, our team at Capital Bathroom can help you achieve your goals in a cost-effective way. Aside to us having great discounts for fixtures and tiles, we focus on keeping low labor costs while providing quality work each and every time.

How much will my bathroom renovation cost?

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We have taken the time to create a pricing page on our website that shows some of our projects and what we have completed for our customers – and a price tag attached.

Most of our bathroom renovations cost approx. $6500-$15000 on average, since most of our customers do not require “anything special” in terms of materials. Costs mainly tend to rise for picking materials that have higher costs. Not to say that it is in particularly bad to treat yourself with higher end bathroom fixtures and material – our team will help you mix and match the perfect budget bathroom renovation for you and your home.

Things that can be priced in a bathroom renovation

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Tub to Shower Conversion

A popular trend right now surrounds converting a bathtub into a shower enclosure. A 70sqft conversion with standard materials can cost anywhere between $5,000-$8,000 – give or take. Glass is typically not expensive nowadays, but we recieve special pricing with our direct manufacturers.

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Bathroom Trim Prices

Aside to baseboards, another popular trend is to add trim carpentry to your bathroom such as mouldings and casings among the door. Trim is inexpensive yet a beautiful addition to your bathroom. To add additional trim, costs can be approx. $7/ ln.ft. Wainscot would be a great addition too.

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Vanity Prices

As per the 40-48” vanity of choice, a standard vanity, solid wood or MDF would cost approx. $450-$800. If you’re looking for a brand such as American Standard or a Canadian Brand vanity, costs can go above $1000 and at times $5000. Vanity price really depends on the “Art” behind the vanity creation. We’ve encountered prices for a basin going beyond $5000, so it is really a matter of choice.

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Toilet Costs

American standard toilets go around $200-$1000 on average. Some toilets have built in technology that can give you the extra care you need, such as a built in bidet and self flushing mechanism. Toto for example, can range anywhere between $500-$5000 per toilet. A wall-mount would have its own costs too, ranging from $700-$2000, but then again, installing wall-mounts require additional plumbing for the hidden tank.

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Bathtub Costs

Standard into the wall, 60” bathroom tub ranges from $500-$2000. If you’re looking for a free-standing bathtub, they can also range between $500-$2000. However, depending on brand and functionality (such as built in jets), price fluctuates. The labour and material to installing bathtubs is typically priced the same.

To conclude, on average, typical homeowner bathroom renovations take about 1-2 weeks to complete. As per pricing it mostly depends on the material vs labour and costs. Let us know what you would like to have installed in your bathroom and we will help you achieve your goals in a cost effective way.

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